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Brand: Bauspiel
An extensive set of fairytale blocks that enchants every building!This Big Fairytale block set contains: 12 fairytale windows (translucent), 12 sparkling rooves with glittering stones (not translucent) and 12 mirror blocks in 6 different shapes. There are two pieces of each block in this set.The..
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Brand: Bauspiel
View the latest creations from Bauspiel: Block set in various types of wood - 24 pieces. This block set consists of 24 pieces and 6 different types of wood. You can use the blocks for stacking, sorting and building new creations. By feeling, touching and seeing the wood, they learn about the charact..
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Brand: Bauspiel
The Color Street from Bauspiel contains 45 large rectangular blocks, 40 of which are decorated with two sparkling stones in 20 different colors. There are 2 rectangular blocks of each color, 5 blocks are only natural and do not contain sparkling stones. These sparkling blocks can be combined very..
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Brand: Bauspiel
Meet the new colorful creations from Bauspiel: The coloured dwarf houses. Let your child come up with great adventures with the dwarf houses. The houses are in 2 parts, so the roofs are easily interchangeable and you can discover fun combinations.Dimensions of the highest house: L 13 cm x W 5 cm x H..
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Brand: Bauspiel
These Colored Rods are ideal for use in all kinds of construction works! You can also use them as an extension to the Bauspiel vehicle construction set. With these sturdy Colored Bars in 10 different cheerful colors you can count, build, construct and stack.This set contains: 100 Colored Bars in 10 ..
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Brand: Bauspiel
Meet Bauspiel's latest creation: The combination box. This combination box contains 85 pieces in combination with 45 mosaic tiles and 40 building rods. You can play with this endlessly and make creations. This nice combination of mosaic tiles and building rods is supplied in a wooden box.Dimensions ..
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Brand: Bauspiel
This construction tiles are ideal to start building all kind of constructions! The blocks are great for building in a completely new way, both in 2D and 3D. Can also be combined very well with our other brands such as Grimm's and Grapat. They are a great addition to any play area.This set contains..
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Corner Blocks Natural - 24 pieces Corner Blocks Natural - 24 pieces
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Brand: Bauspiel
This set consists of 24 wooden Corner Blocks Natural. The blocks are great for building in a completely new way, both in 2D and 3D. Towers, castles, marble runs, fences for your animals, whatever you imagine, you can make it with this beautiful set. Very nice in combination with the translucent bloc..
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Brand: Bauspiel
A real dragon family made of the finest wood! All dragons have an eye made of a small sparkling stone, they all have a different color. The dragon family consists of 2 large dragons and 3 small dragons. They are all different in shape.Dimensions large dragons: L 12 cm x W 3 cm x H 14 cmDimensions..
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Brand: Bauspiel
Experience exciting adventures with this 11-piece dragon lair in which a sparkling treasure is hidden. At the end of the 7 arches of the dragon's lair is a beautiful treasure of 7 golden thalers made of glitter stones. A 4-piece wooden campfire set is also included.This dragon lair with treasure is ..
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Brand: Bauspiel
This is a complete block set from Bauspiel to build your own Fairytale Castle! Beautifully decorated with pastel-colored sparkling stones.The set consists of 2 high towers, 2 medium towers, 1 large gate, 1 small gate with window, 1 solid wall, 1 wall with window and 2 walls with keyhole opening. A..
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Brand: Bauspiel
This block set from Bauspiel contains 12 mirror blocks (not translucent) in natural wood. The blocks have 6 different shapes, there are two pieces of each block in this set.These fairytale blocks can be combined very well with our other brands such as Grimm's and Grapat. They are a great additio..
Ex Tax:€58.64
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