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Brand: Ostheimer
Ostheimer wooden house with 4 arches, also to be used as a nativity stable for Christmas figures. 4 pieces, solid wood. 32 cm high, 6 cm width, 27 cm long. Item 3300..
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Brand: Ostheimer
Ostheimer wooden nativity stable. In Christmas time the star can made visible, or use the perch for a bird or squirrel using this stable as a barn. The stable is easily assembled with wooden pins, no screws and screwdriver needed. Doors in the back and the side are attached with leather straps. ..
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Brand: Ostheimer
Perch for Ostheimer wooden nativity stable. Item 35012..
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Brand: Ostheimer
Yellow star for Ostheimer wooden nativity stable Classic or Classic II. Item 35011..
Ex Tax:€8.68
Brand: Ostheimer
Ostheimer small stable. The Classic and ClassicII figures Mary and Joseph go perfect with it. 22 cm long, 13 cm wide, 21,5 cm high; 2 pcs. Item 4060..
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Brand: Ostheimer
Ostheimer wooden doll's house, nativity stable, barn; use your imagination while playing with this beautiful wooden house. The Ostheimer wooden figures for Christmas classic / traditional and Classic II have the right size to fit in this house. 54 x 35 x 30 cm; excluding fi..
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Brand: Ostheimer
Ostheimer wooden stable or manger not only usefull as a shed or barn but also as a nativity stable for Christmas. On the back side there's a door which attached with leather straps. Inside is a small divider   which creates 2 boxes for the horses, cows or other animals. 2 windows in the ba..
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Brand: Ostheimer
Ostheimer small sized nativity stable , one side being shaped as a palm tree. 30 x 24 x 24 cm. Excluding wooden figures. Item 5550114..
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Nativity mini set Nativity mini set
-15 %
This is a complete set with Ostheimer mini nativity scene and mini Christmas figures, put together by ourselves!The set consists of:1 box with Holy Family: Joseph, Mary, Child in crib, Ox and Donkey.1 box with Shepherds: standing, kneeling and sitting shepherd.1 box with sheep: 1 ram, 2 sheep standi..
€407.95 €479.80
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