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About Us

We have been the owners of since September 2018. A wonderful toy webshop with only sustainable brands! Everything with us is made with a lot of love by and for people and nature.

A few years ago we were introduced to Ostheimer and Grimm's products. And yes, we fell in love with it too! Especially because we saw how our daughter and son play with it. The soft wood feels nice, it stimulates their fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination and also the imagination. Whole stories are played with the figures of Ostheimer and a lot is built with the blocks and the rainbow of Grimm's!

We are known for the Ostheimer and Grimm's brands and have expanded our range in recent years with Sarah's Silks, Waytoplay, Abel Wooden Toys, Wobbel and Dynamiko. Would you like to know more about our brands? You can read this under 'Information about our brands'.

We only sell fair and sustainably produced toys, preferably made in the Netherlands or Europe. The feeling with which it is made is reflected in the products. Each toy is unique because it is handmade with a lot of attention for the child who will play with it.

Did you know that many of our toys are also made by people with a physical or mental disability? This also gives them a place in the labor market.

In addition to the Toverboom, we have another company that gives us the opportunity to provide our own energy by means of solar and wind energy.

We reuse as much of our suppliers' packaging materials as possible to ship our products to you. In this way we want to link up with the sustainability of the product and take the quality of our environment into account.


Toverboom in short:

• Personal service

• Sustainable and environmentally conscious shopping

• Fairly and sustainably produced toys with love for people and nature

• Our toys are free of toxic substances and safe

• Open end and imaginative toys


Do you need help choosing the right product or do you have a question? Feel free to mail, call or WhatsApp us, we are happy to help you!

Would you like us to wrap the presents? That is also possible! You can indicate this with your order.


Would you like to order something for a school, daycare center, general practice, occupational therapy practice, physiotherapy practice, rehabilitation center or other institution / company? Then you can contact us and request a quote.


We hope you enjoy our store!

Kind regards,

Richard & Eveline Oudshoorn

Frijtumerweg 1, Niehove

+31 6 28299072