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About our brands


Ostheimer is a small-scale organization in Southern Germany. Together with people with a social or physical limitation / disability they produce the most beautiful figures. So get it to

these people have a chance on the labor market and are involved in social life. It is a sustainable product. Ostheimer uses sustainably certified wood from European forests and child-friendly (non-toxic) paints and oils. This way it is safe for the smallest children.


A nice addition to Ostheimer's beautiful figures is the toys from Grimm's Wooden Toys and Play. You may know the brand from the well-known rainbows in the striking colors and beautiful shapes. Nowadays also available in pastel, natural and black / white. Grimm's has something beautiful for everyone. There are products that children can play with from birth, such as rattles, pram tensioners, pacifier cords. But they also have great games for older children and adults. The magnet puzzles and Mandelas are fun to build and puzzle with, but also look great in your home as decoration.

Grimm's also has part of their range made in workshops where people with a social or physical disability work. The raw materials they use are also sustainable and safe. They only use sustainably certified wood and child-friendly (non-toxic) paints and oils.


What appeals to us is that a large part of our products are also very suitable for children with a physical disability, they are challenged to play. Because the wood feels soft and pleasant to the touch, it invites you to touch. The imagination is stimulated by the cheerful colors and different shapes. And the shape of the products stimulates the fine motor skills of the hands.