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Information for customers outside EU

Order information if you live outside the EU.

This is the current information about ordering in our shop in 2022:

When you live outside Europe, it is possible to buy your products in our shop without VAT (TAX) and we ship your order to your country. Payment is possible with Banktransfer (like Transferwise) or PayPal (PayPal charge 5% fees of the total order amount to use it).
Shipping costs are: € 22,50 startup costs and from € 4,25 for every KG (the kg price depends on the country where you live). Shipping costs are also without VAT, with a maximum weight of 20 kg.

When you want to order Ostheimer items, we have a limit of maximum 1 per item per person/order. These restrictions are from our suppliers them self.

We do not sell to resellers.

If you want to order Grapat, we can only send it within Europe. We're not allowed to sell Grapat outside Europe. 

You can order in our shop and choose the option banktransfer. Please make a note which payment option you prefer (banktransfer or PayPal), we send your personal invoice without VAT and the current shipping weight and costs. When you agree you can pay straight away. When we receive your payment, we ship your order as soon as possible.

We can't make any reservation, you can see which items are in stock or are expected (temp. out of stock). You can order these items in our shop as described above.
The items which have the label 'not available in 2021' are temporarily out of production of the supplier.

It is not possible to make changes to an order, so please let us know in once what you would like to order.

All terms and conditions are readable here.